• Reflections of 2022


    When I look in the rearview mirror of 2022, I reflect on various milestones. I reflect on being a professional woman and attempting to balance work life and personal life. I reflect on parenting a teen and navigating those waters. I reflect on the relationships with family and friends and feel gratitude. I feel a pride and ownership when I look in the rearview mirror; yet, if I’m brutally honest, there is a sadness as well. For me, the sadness is around the loss of time. Everyone is a year older. I am reminded often how fragile life can be. Even as I write, I get a phone call about a loved one that just passed away.

    But isn’t this the point of reflection? When we give ourselves the opportunity to look inward and truly reflect, we can make mindful decisions about how we want to live our lives in the future. It sharpens our focus just a little bit more; it helps us prioritize how we want to spend our time. It’s like looking through a telescope and turning the dial to sharpen the vision of what is in front of us. This is the power of reflection!

    So, when I look at the road ahead of 2023, I feel an excitement about the new year of possibilities and growth. I’m hopeful, curious, and am ready to roll my sleeves up to continue growing personally and professionally. I plan to take the wisdom gained from 2022’s life lessons and continue creating, prioritizing my time, connecting with loved ones, practicing gratitude, and “turning the dial to sharpen the vision of what is in front of me” in 2023.

    What are your reflections of 2022 and how will you use them to sharpen your focus for 2023?

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